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Chumakov A.N.


Translated by Baichun Zhang

(Chinese Edition)

Publisher: Book Jungle (USA), 2018. 244 pages.

ISBN 9781617420030







  Collection of articles by the modern Russian philosopher, a well-known expert in the field of social philosophy and global studies Professor A.N. Chumakov is composed on the basis of his reports and lectures given by him in different years at Beijing pedagogical University and at conferences in different cities of China. A.N. Chumakov gained wide popularity in Russia and abroad, thanks to his research of globalization processes and global problems of our time. In the second half of the twentieth century, when active global studies were just beginning, he was one of the first in the field of philosophy to defend his PhD and then his doctoral thesis on global issues, and his book "Philosophy of global problems" (M.: Knowledge, 1994) in 1995 was translated into Chinese and became one of the first translated works in China on this topic. Also of great importance for the development of global studies were his natural history theory of globalization, which he described in his monographs, and a series of fundamental international reference books on globalism, the initiator and editor-in-chief of which he is.

 The value of this collection is that for the first time it shows in such detail and from different sides a new interdisciplinary scientific direction – globalism, which was finally formed in recent decades and has firmly taken its special place in the system of modern scientific knowledge. The main task of globalism, as can be seen from the content of the proposed book, is to study from the perspective of various Sciences of global processes, globalization and global problems of mankind. At the same time, philosophy plays an extremely important role, which allows us to look at the modern world as a whole, where man and society are considered as an integral part of the biosphere, organically connected with the Geosphere of the Earth and space. Philosophy, thus, forms a new worldview of people, shows their changed situation in the modern world and orients (aims) to change their behavior and attitude to the environment, which is degraded under the influence of economic activity of the rapidly growing population of the planet. Professor A.N. Chumakov was one of the first to point out the fundamental difference between the regulation and management of social systems and attempted to explore the possibility of global governance in the modern world, where national States defend their interests by opposing each other.  In addition to this topic, the collection also presents another idea of the author, according to which at the present stage only cultural and civilizational dialogue can ensure the peaceful coexistence of global humanity and make effective its efforts in achieving sustainable development and prosperity for all.   

In addition to the actual problems of globalism and the role of philosophy in interdisciplinary research, the Chinese reader will be interested to get acquainted with the General state of Affairs in modern Russian philosophy, with its main directions and problems that it discusses today. Particular attention is paid to the Russian philosophical society, which unites more than five thousand members and is the largest philosophical organizations in the world. The value of this book lies in the fact that about the Russian philosophy and the Philosophical society tells A.N. Chumakov, who in 1987 was elected General Secretary of the Philosophical Society of the USSR, and since 1991 till now he is the First Vice-President of the Russian Philosophical Society.

The book will undoubtedly be interesting to a wide range of readers who are concerned about the current problems of the modern world and their understanding from the standpoint of philosophy.


Zhang Baichun,

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor,

Beijing Normal University (Beijing, China)






Glova 1. Globalism in the system of modern scientific knowledge

Glova 2. The world order and the problem of global governance

 Glova 3. Cultural and civilizational aspect of dialogue in the modern world

 Glova 4. Russian philosophical society as an integral part of civil society

 Glova 5. Modern Russian philosophy and human problem

 Glova 6. Philosophy in the face of globalization