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Section 99: Theories of Knowledge and Epistemology


Agoshkova Elena Principle of Sufficient Reason for Systems Thinking: from Leibniz to the 21st century



Learning to be a clever human is becoming the principal objective. The task is to master the richness of the scientific thinking. The science has to bring the methods together into the Epistemological Corpus of science. The concept "system” has prepared the level of the systems thinking. This concept is an expression of Leibniz Principle of sufficient reason (A.E.WCP2003). "Nothing is without reason”. Heidegger (1956) was striving to approve Principle. However Principle is slipping away from the consciousness, and interpretation is getting no completion. Principle can be interpreted only in interconnection with the Principles of Abstraction, Systemacy and Intervality. This permits to make it an asset of the human mind and to define the architectonics of the systems thinking. Any desirable result is only possible when we created "the system in respect of the desirable result ”. This system will then be the ensemble of "the sufficient reasons for the desirable result”. We have to see the spectrum of "consequences from the desirable result” and "consequences from the concomitant results”. Only then we can say, that we create Bonum.